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AutoCAD Tips & Tricks - Hatches

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1AutoCAD Tips & Tricks -  Hatches Empty AutoCAD Tips & Tricks - Hatches on Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:54 pm


Why won't AutoCAD create my dense hatch?

AutoCAD sets a default limit of 10000 segments. If the hatch that would be created would exceed that, AutoCAD refuses to create the hatch. However you can change the default value to any number from 100 to 10,000,000. To increase the value, enter the following at the command prompt. The example shows increasing the value to 100,000. Note that the name MaxHatch is case sensitive and must be entered as shown.

Command: (setenv "MaxHatch" "100000")

Why is my hatch scrambled?

Sometimes when you attempt to hatch an area (especially in large coordinate drawings), the hatching can appear scrambled. The hatch pattern does not have enough precision to work properly in the larger coordinates. Use this simple workaround:

1. Issue the SNAPBASE command and pick a point slightly below and to the left of the area to hatch.
2. Hatch the area, it will look correct now.
3. Reissue the SNAPBASE command and put in 0,0 (or previous value).

Adding Custom Hatches

In AutoCAD versions prior to 2000, you could put additional hatch pattern definitions at the end of your ACAD.PAT file, and add
the appropriate slides to the ACAD.SLB file to make them show up in the BHATCH dialog.

AutoCAD versions 2000 and later do not use the ACAD.PAT/SLB at all. Instead of putting all the definitions in the ACAD.PAT, it is best to put each pattern definition in a separate PAT file. The path where these PAT files reside must be in the AutoCAD support paths as well. There is some benefit to using a short path such as C:\CADSTUFF, because the BHATCH dialog shows the path before the patten name, and long paths make the pattern name fall off to the right of the list.

To select your custom pattern, issue the BHATCH dialog and choose the pattern select button {...}, then choose the Custom tab to select your pattern.

Hatch Pattern Snaps (2005+)

There has been a change in behavior in AutoCAD 2005 regarding the object snaps on its geometry. In previous releases osnaps would honor hatches, in 2005 they are ignored by default. To turn on the snap to hatch, access the OPTIONS dialog (Tools menu), go to the Drafting tab, and in the lower left you will find the toggle.

Also there is a command line system variable OSNAPHATCH, set to 0 for off (no snap), 1 for on (snap).

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