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WD_M Block file

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1WD_M Block file Empty Re: WD_M Block file on Tue Mar 30, 2010 11:47 am


thanks for detailed information

2WD_M Block file Empty Re: WD_M Block file on Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:56 pm

Viju Antony

In AutoCAD Electrical, the WD_M block contains attribute tags for the drawing configuration settings for component layers, wire layers, wire numbering, component takings, and ladders for schematic diagrams.

WD_PNLM block contains attribute tags for panel drawing configuration settings for footprint layers, balloon, panel wire connection.

Both WD_M and WD_PNLM blocks are invisible and contain no graphic information. Each drawing should contain only one copy each of the WD_M block or WD_PNLM block.

Click the Drawing Configuration icon in a new drawing, an alert dialog box appears to ask whether you want to force this configuration settings for this drawing to match the project settings or use the default configuration setting. Cool

3WD_M Block file Empty WD_M Block file on Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:56 pm

ninu mathew

what is the purpose of WD_M Block?

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